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Tube Bending

Pipecraft’s range of Tube and Pipe Bending machines provide solutions for a comprehensive range of tube bending and manipulation requirements from 2.0mm o.d. to 76.1mm o.d. in most wall thicknesses and also in solid bar.

Mandrel Bending

This form of Tube Bending is generally employed to produce tight radii bends with centreline radii from 1 ½ times the outside diameter of the tube upwards in perfectly formed and concentric bend forms. The bending plants are of Hydraulic/Electro operation. Specialised tooling is involved for each outside diameter of tube, radii and wall thickness.

An important feature of these tooling sets is the “mandrel” which is generally an articulated multi ball component and which the machine positions inside the tube.

This gradually retracts during the bending cycle and thus prevents the tube from distorting during bending to ensure a perfect distortion free and circular bend area.

The results are smooth, even and uniform and ensure repeatable consistency for all tube manipulation requirements.

The Right Skills and the Right Machinery for Tube and Pipe Bending Services

Bent Tube Frames for Equipment

Tube Bending Modular Frame for Fresh Produce for Marco

Tube Bending

As a major supplier of tube and pipe bending services, we are able to offer very competitive turn around and lead times on both volume production and more specialist bespoke tube/pipe bending requirements because of the following:

  • We stock most of the popular tube/pipe sizes and materials
  • We are an ISO 9001 accredited company
  • We have seven specialist tube/pipe bending plants
  • Our wide range of formers can accommodate most tube and pipe sizes

Pipecraft is a leading tube/pipe bending and manipulation specialist, for example we cater to the following needs and requirements:

  • Machinery flow path pipework
  • Medical industry products
  • Automotive components and roll bars
  • Seating and associated fabrication for hotels and café bistro
  • Playground equipment
  • Bicycle racks and street furniture
  • Metal sculptures
  • Railings and barriers
  • Swimming pool fittings
  • Engineering applications

Our Sussex based workshops are fully equipped to manufacture and fabricate virtually any type of metal object and we are able to work with different metals.

Our skilled engineers and craftsmen are able to undertake all types of projects, from single specialist items, to large scale orders and manufacturing runs. We could also manage your project from sourcing the raw materials through to fabrication, ensuring that only the highest quality finishing processes are employed.

Pipecraft is able to take on your project and deliver what you want on time and according to your specifications. Try us and see!

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Metal Fabrication using Pipe Bending for Glass Stile in Lobby

Tube Bending and Pipe Bending

Sphinx Metalwork Close Up