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Tube & Pipe Bending

Pipecraft’s range of Tube Bending machines provides solutions for a comprehensive range of tube bending and manipulation requirements, from 5.0mm o.d. to 76.1mm o.d., in most wall thicknesses and in solid bar.

As a major supplier of tube and pipe bending services, we are able to offer very competitive turn around and lead times on both volume production and more specialist bespoke tube/pipe bending requirements because of the following:

  • We stock most of the popular tube/pipe sizes and materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper 
  • We are an ISO 9001 accredited company
  • We have seven specialist tube/pipe bending plants
  • Our wide range of formers can accommodate most tube and pipe sizes

We can cater to the following needs and requirements:

  • Machinery flow path pipework
  • Medical industry products
  • Automotive components and roll bars
  • Seating and associated fabrication for hotels and café bistro
  • Playground equipment
  • Bicycle racks and street furniture
  • Metal sculptures
  • Railings and barriers
  • Swimming pool fittings
  • Engineering applications

Our Sussex based workshops are fully equipped to manufacture and fabricate virtually any type of metal object and we are able to work with different metals.

Our skilled engineers and craftsmen are able to undertake all types of projects, from single specialist items, to large scale orders and manufacturing runs. We could also manage your project: from sourcing the raw materials, through to fabrication. We ensure that only the highest quality finishing processes are employed.

Pipecraft is able to take on your project and deliver what you want on time and according to your specifications. Try us and see!


An understanding of the terminology used within the tube and pipe bending industry will help you to better comprehend the basics:

Compression bending is a method of bending pipes or tubes when the die in place remains stationary, while a counter die is used to bend the material round the stationary die. Also called compression forming, this technique is the original method of bending tubes. It involves the tube being clamped in place, while a pressure die moves around the radius to create a bend. It does not involve the use of a mandrel.

Mandrel bending is carried out by placing a mandrel inside the pipe or tube that’s being bent. It is used in particular with thinner wall materials, as it helps to prevent defects – such as flattening, rippling or collapse – in the bend. It is the most commonly-used form of bending.

Roll bending is used when large radius bends or curves are needed. A piece of tube or pipe is passed through a series of three rollers in a pyramid formation. This allows it be shaped to a large centre line radius. The metal is formed into the bend design by the lower rollers pushing against the feed path.

The outside diameter (O/D) is the distance across the widest area of the tube or pipe.

The inside diameter (I/D) is the distance measured across the widest part of the inside opening of the tube or pipe.

The wall thickness (W/T) is the measurement between the exterior and interior surfaces of the tube or pipe. This can also be called the schedule in a pipe or the gauge in a tube.

The degree of bend is the angle of the bend – measured on the outside.

Straights between bends refers to a part that requires multiple bends. A minimum straight length is needed between each bend. This is also called a clamp length.

The centre line radius (CLR) refers to the radius along the tube or pipe’s neutral axis.

An S-curve is the term used when bends occur in opposite directions in the same plane.

The yield point is the point at which the tube or pipe will deform permanently during the bending process.

If you require any professional advice or if you have a project in mind, please do not hesitate to contact the metal fabrication experts.

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