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Specialist Fabrication

Our highly experienced fabrication team is well versed in all welding methods. We offer the following fabrication options - which are dependant on the method that best suits your requirements and is most applicable to your product manufacture:

Tig Welding

An intricate form of welding which produces a very small and neat weld bead, while remaining structurally sound – always practiced when items require a high cosmetic level of finish. If required, our skilled metal polishers can then completely blend the faces of Tig welds to a perfectly smooth finish.

Mig Welding

Generally utilised for the rapid production of more mass produced products and generally applicable to heavier gauge materials. A larger weld bead is produced via a continuous wire spooling process – a fast and extremely strong fabrication method.

Brazing, Nickle Bronzing and Silver Soldering

All Flux Welding processes utilising an Oxy/Acetylene source of heat form for the jointing, generally employed in connection with brass or copper based products and where a zero visible weld bead is required.

Whatever your fabrication requirements, the Pipecraft Fabrication Team will provide the requisite skills and expertise to ensure a perfect and efficient solution.

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