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Pipe Lagging Reels

Mobility Engineering: Pipe Lagging Reels

Mobility Engineering: Pipe Lagging Reels We have been using our expertise and experience to create and manufacture 30 large pipe lagging reels for use in the mobility engineering sector. Produced
Ginetta Exhaust System

Historic Racing Car

Historic Racing Car A unique single-seater car, that was built more than 50 years ago to compete in the new Formula 3 motor racing events, has been refurbished to take
Playground Climbing Equipment

Hags SMP Playground Furniture

Hags SMP Playground Furniture We made a range of playground equipment for Hags SMP ltd.
SS Table & Bench Set

Metal Furniture For National Pub Chain

Metal Furniture For National Pub Chain Stainless Steel Furniture manufactured for a National pub chain on behalf of Diversity Products Ltd.
Eichmann Cotside

Trusted by a Leading Medical Brand

Trusted By A Leading Medical Brand Medical Equipment – Patient Transfer ‘Cot-Side’ The manufacturing processes that are required to produce this kind of Medical Equipment Device show the range of
Bar Stools

Unique and Distinctive Bar Furniture at Polpettos Restaurant, Soho

Unique And Distinctive Bar Furniture At Polpettos Restaurant, Soho In 2013 we were commissioned by the Studio of Design and Architecture (Soda) to work in conjunction with du Boulay on the

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