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CNC Turning

Volume CNC Turning

Certification to ISO 9001:2015 for full traceability of Materials & Certification of Specifications

Our CNC turning services operate with a high level of accuracy, producing intricate and precise five axis components. As a result of our investment in the latest technology, we have several CNC turning centres and CNC milling centres.

CNC Turned Component
CNC Turning Project
CNC Turning Project

The Mazak 250MSY Super Quick Turn offers high performance for demanding applications, with specifications that can meet all production requirements. It features a Y-axis and milling function, with Tailstock travel and thrust controlled by a servo motor.

Mazak Machinery

The standard 5000 min⁻¹ and optional high speed 10000 min⁻¹ are suitable for a range of materials, with a low thrust force ensuring high accuracy turning, even on small diameter shaft workpieces. We also have a Mazak Nexus “Matrix” 250 II M Super Quick Turn, a Mazak Nexus 250M Quick Turn and a Hyundai Quick Turn. All Mazak Turning Centres are equipped with barfed facilities up to 76.1ml for rapid production.

Working with any type of metal, including “ferrous” and “non-ferrous”, we are also able to machine nylon, thermoplastics and acetals. We can provide a wide range of finishing options, with any form of plating such as chemi-black, zinc and nickel. Anodising is available in several colours for aluminium products. Powder coating options are available for stainless steel and mild steel parts in bright, mirror or satin polished finishes.

Item Produced with CNC Turning

What is CNC Turning?

Computer Numerical Control turning, commonly known as CNC turning, is a highly-skilled precision engineering process which creates multiple parts and components. One of the world’s oldest machine tools, the lathe, is used with modern computer technology to create a component to the most precise detail.

A skilled operator can create countless designs to the most rigid of instructions using a CNC turning centre, providing a vast array of shapes, combined with precise tolerances.

CNC Turning

How it works

CNC turning enables users to shape and detail materials to the required specifications that would be impossible to reproduce by hand.

The turning lathe will secure and rotate the raw material, which is machined at a high speed via multiple axis of movement. The material is shaped by a single-point cutting or boring tool, creating the required component.

Computer programs control the CNC turning centre, ensuring that the components are produced to exact specifications. Thanks to the use of computer technology, identical reproductions can be made countless times.

The starting material is normally round, although it can be other shapes, such as hexagons and squares. The length of the bar varies, depending on the bar feeder. Its length determines how much handling is necessary for volume jobs.

The material rotates at variable speeds, with the cutting tool creating cylindrical cuts with precise measurements. An automated process, the speed and movements are adjusted via the computer program for greater accuracy.

Is it cost-effective?

Several factors will determine if a part can be manufactured cost-effectively on a CNC turning centre – the volume of parts needed is often a deciding factor.

If a part can be manufactured both by CNC turning or other means, the required volume and lead-time are taken into account when deciding which method to use.

To find out about Pipecraft’s CNC turning service and capabilities, contact us.

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