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Tube Bending Services by Pipecraft Innovations

Pipecraft is one of leading metal fabrication companies in the UK. For a sneak peek into what we can do, here are some of our finished projects:

Prototype for Hygiene Solutions

Hygiene Solutions provides infection control and decontamination systems to the National Health Service (NHS). Pipecraft was contracted to assist in the design process of the stacking system of Ultra-V™ – a decontamination system that releases ultraviolet light to eradicate pathogens in clinical areas.

Aside from tube bending, we also completed metal fabrication and steel polishing tasks for this company.

Platform Lift for Terry Lifts

Our tube bending services proved to be invaluable to Terry Lifts – a leading provider of lifts and elevators for domestic and commercial use. Pipecraft was contracted to assist in the construction process of the Melody 3 Vertical Platform Lift. The rails were designed to be not only aesthetically pleasing; they also provide great functionality that is convenient to use, especially for those with disabilities.

Aside from tube bending services, we also provided metal fabrication and CNC machining services (for hinge mechanisms) for Terry Lifts.

Automotive Parts for Ricardo

Pipecraft provided tube bending services for Ricardo – a leading engineering solutions provider in the automotive industry.

We provided mandrel bent pieces that are important in their parts production processes.

Aside from tube bending; CNC machining, Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding and polishing are also involved.

Trolley for Canberra

As one of the leading providers of cost-effective nuclear solutions – to assess the health of nuclear facilities for the safety of personnel – our tube bending services created the trolley for one of their products — iCAM (Continuous Air Monitor). The iCAM offers reliable monitoring of airborne particulate activities in the workplace.

Produced and designed by Pipecraft, the trolley is designed to help iCAM operators to transfer the necessary equipment.

Modular Frames for Marco Ltd.

Marco provides productivity systems for different industry sectors, including fresh produce. With this in mind, we produced their stainless steel frames – with rust-resistant benefits, stainless steel is the ideal material for such commodities; it is also easy to clean.

The manufacturing process of these frames included tube bending, welding, CNC machining (for components) and polishing.

Dumbbell Rack

We do not restrict our services to high volume orders; we also cater to individual projects, including this dumbbell rack. Exclusively designed for a luxury yacht owned by a prestigious client, this rack was designed to handle the combined weight of the dumbbells.

Aside from tube bending, the manufacturing process involved welding and joint and mirror finishing (for a sleeker finish).

Turnstiles for Gunnebo

The tube bending services we provided for Gunnebo contributed to their innovative glass turnstile construction.

By providing a beautifully finished effect, this ensured that the metal tubes fully complemented the elegance of the glass and the building environment.


Pipecraft was contracted to produce cotsides; to be fitted to the sides of hospital beds to prevent the patients from falling.

We designed them to be lighter so that they can be easily manipulated – but not too light that they will not be able to support the patients.

The manufacturing process included tube bending, fine polish finishing, CNC machining, TIG welding and tube manipulation.

There is much more to us than tube bending! Pipecraft is versatile and can manufacture a wide range of products according to different client demands.

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