Tube bending for Hygiene Solutions

Pipecraft Innovations provide tube bending services to many medical companies throughout the UK.

This particular project to produce a prototype for a new range of equipment was produced for Hygiene Solutions – a leading provider of infection control and decontamination systems to the NHS.

Hygiene Solutions, Ultra-V™ is designed for routine use by regular cleaning staff in healthcare environments. Pipecraft were contracted to help with the design and production of the prototype stacking system for the  Ultra-V™. As with many of the projects we undertake, we advised on the practical implications of production and how the product could be produced most economically.

Technical processes included tube bending with various radii, sheet metal fabrication and mirror-satin stainless steel polishing.

A prerequisite for most projects undertake in our tube bending division is the attainment of stylish design with robust functionality. We believe this prototype demonstrates our ability to achieve that balance and deliver excellent results for our clients.

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