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SDEC ARTFORM Chair for Cometics (Europe)

Metal Furniture Chair Manufacture and Tube Bending
Metal Furniture Tube Bending Chair Manufacture
Tube Bending Furniture Metal Chair Manufacture
Metal Chair Manufacture Tube Bending Furniture
Tube Bending Metal Furniture Cometics Chair

pipe bendingOur long standing relationship with designer Rob Barker means we have had the pleasure of creating this signature pices of Art From metal furniture.

metal fabricationThe Pipecraft CEO is a keen racing car driver and over the last two decades has built a close a working relationship with Rob Barker, an engineer and Formula 1 engine builder, who runs a Race Engine design and tuning company.  Robs knowledge of Pipecrafts’ material manipulation and innovative engineering techniques meant we were an easy choice when he was looking for a metal fabrication company that had both the expertise and design flair to produce the Artform chairs.

The chairs are manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel Tube, and accurate pipe bending was the  foundation of the metal fabrication process.tube bending

Cometics Chair 12