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Precision Engineering for Prototype Folding Chair

Pipecraft Innovations.  Prototype folding chair
Domestic Metal Chair
Bathroom Metal Chair
Office Metal Chair

Created within our Precision Engineering division for Ash Formations (a London based furniture supplier), we recently completed the prototype for this folding stainless steel “Directors” style chair.

The design brief specified that a chair be developed for upmarket and high-end occasional use. For circumstances where storage space is limited, the chair should not compromise on comfort or style.

Metal Chair for the Home

Precision Engineering for function and design flair

Our precision engineering division constructed the chair in marine grade stainless-steel and developed an innovative sliding system for the chair legs to collapse into.

Retaining the iconic image of the traditional director style chair, this clever design folds away without clips or catches. When folded, the side dimension is reduced from 50cm to 10cm – now that’s what we call space-saving!

This great design, coupled with our precision engineering skills and experience in metal furniture production, has resulted in a final product which is comfortable, durable and ergonomically efficient.

The winning combination of all-weather upholstery and a stainless-steel frame make this chair perfect for bathrooms, poolside or boat decks.

Metal Chair for the Bathroom

Equally as practical for impromptu office meetings, the size means the chairs are easy to store away, and with upholstery options available, you can easily incorporate them into an existing colour scheme.

Metal Chair for the Office

Due to their size, the chairs are easy to transport in multiples, so they are just as useful for outdoor events where seating is required.