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Ginetta Exhaust System

Historic Racing Car

A unique single-seater car, that was built more than 50 years ago to compete in the new Formula 3 motor racing events, has been refurbished to take part in modern races. Ginetta, a specialist British builder of racing and sports cars, built its groundbreaking G8 in 1963/64 to compete in the F3 championship.

The unique car was the manufacturer’s first single-seater and was the only one ever built, using technology that was way ahead of its time. Featuring a fibreglass monocoque tub and inboard front suspension, it finished in fourth place on its first outing, making its debut at Snetterton on 30th August 1964, driven by Chris Meek.

Powered by a Holbay-tuned 1000cc engine, the G8 was time-consuming and complex to build and remained a one-off. It wasn’t raced in F3 again after 1964. All this changed when it was purchased in 2018 by enthusiast Bill Cowing, who began renovating the G8 to race in Historic Formula 3, both in the UK and internationally.

The major renovation included designing and manufacturing an “up and over” exhaust system, which was performed by Pipecraft, utilising all our precision engineering skills to make Bill’s dream a reality. He said keeping the pipes away from the narrow fibreglass monocoque walls required “innovative design and great precision and skill.”

Using Mandrel tube bending on a variety of different radii, plus specialist fabrication skills to successfully complete this one-off design, this was appropriate to both the ergonomics and visual appeal for this extremely rare exhaust manifold.

We also provided design input, so that each of the four primary pipes from each exhaust port on the cylinder head were of identical lengths. This was crucial to ensure the gas flow from each cylinder would extract at an identical rate, which is essential for efficient exhaust scavenging on a high-performance racing application.

Bill was thrilled with the results. He said, “I have used Pipecraft to make an exhaust on a previous Ginetta race car and knew they had all the skills and passion to create the complex system, which looks perfect, but also maintains the style of the car in period.” He describes the G8 as, “a really important car in Ginetta’s history.”

He can’t wait to start competing in historic F3 race events in 2020!