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Dumbbell Rack for Luxury Yacht

Pipe Bending Metal Fabrication of Dumbell Rack for Yacht
Pipe Bending Dumbell Rack for Yacht Manufacture
Dumbell Rack Manufacture using Pipe Bending

Dumbell Rack 07 (248 x 442)We’re often asked to manufacture one-off or small run items that are unusual and interesting.  This project was particularly interesting, not just because of the sleek design and very high standard of finishing required at all stages of the metal manufacturing process, but also because it’s final destination is the luxury yacht of an extremely prestigious client.

Metal Manufacturing Process

The processes involved in producing the rack was not overly complicated, but the precision and quality of finish required, including tube bending and angled jointing to give the weight racks the required degree of tilt against the frame, did require an extra degree of care and attention.

Dumbell Rack 06 (442 x 248)

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