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How metal fabrication processes are used to create playground equipment

Processes such as pipe and tube bending, tube rolling and manipulation and CNC turning and milling can be employed to create playground equipment that is durable, safe and long lasting. Here are a just a few examples of the many different types of playground apparatus that can be manufactured using metal fabrication methods.

pipecraft playground infographic

Swings – pipe and tube bending

Whether you need a single-seat swing or a nest swing capable of holding more than one child, pipe and tube bending ensures the frames take on a smooth, uniform finish. Mandrel bending involves creating tight bends utilising mandrel bending and tube rolling machinery; which prevents the pipes distorting during the bending process.

Climbing frame – tube rolling and manipulation

Climbing frames of varying shapes and sizes can be manufactured through tube rolling and manipulation processes. Numerically controlled machinery is used to create tubes with a maximum diameter of 88.9mm – allowing plenty of scope for design.

Playground springers – tube rolling, mandrel bending, CNC turning

This particular ‘bike’ shaped springer is created through a combination of mandrel bending to form the tighter radii and tube rolling to achieve the larger radii that are required to build the main frame and the wheels, etc. – the bar ‘sphere’ sections are CNC turned. Laser cutting techniques are then employed for the various shapes that form the finishing touches – metal plate content. The tube segments are then cut back to the required lengths and where necessary, a special scalloping machine is used to radius the tube ends – these should fit together to ensure a gap-free welded joint. With a mixture of Tig and Mig welding disciplines, the structure will then begin to take its final form.

N.B. – the springs are a specialist sub-contract project.

With a meticulous approach and responsible work ethics; we make metal fabrication processes look like child’s play. Where skill meets imagination and engineering meets craftsmanship; Pipecraft Innovations uses the best materials and design technology to ensure that top quality products come as standard. We are the precision engineering experts!

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