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Five of the Coolest Playgrounds on the Planet

Think of the word “playground” and you will no doubt picture the standard swings, slides and roundabouts that you find in children’s play areas all across the UK. However, there are some playgrounds around the world that make us wish we were kids all over again. Don’t believe us? Have a look at these five examples…

1. Neptune Park, Saratoga Springs, Utah, USA


First opened in 2012, Neptune Park is a 30-foot tall climbing pyramid constructed from tubular metal and rope. The rope forms netting, which not only allows children to scramble up and race each other to the top, it is also a safety feature that prevents them from falling too far.

2. The Ghost Train Park, Lima, Peru


Peru’s capital city is home to a giant obstacle course known as the “Ghost Train Park”: a vibrantly colourful creation imagined and built by architecture collective Basurama. Featuring swings, climbing nets, zip wires and more, it’s not only a fun environment for kids and adults alike, it’s also a great example of how recycled materials can be used for worthwhile purposes. The majority of the obstacle course was created from materials from Lima’s disused railway tracks.


3. Playground at Zorlu Centre, Istanbul, Turkey


The playground at Istanbul’s Zorlu Centre has something for everyone. The area by the entrance is designed for younger children, with a slide, hammocks, trampolines and more. As you head towards the centre of the playground, the whole landscape changes. Here, you’ll find a giant netting structure, a bridge and a slide that can be used by multiple children at once. There are also two towers with lookout nests that can be climbed for a view over the whole playground – it’s a truly impressive place to play.

4. Bounce Below, Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales


This is not a playground for anyone who is scared of being below ground! Zip World in North Wales is home to Bounce Below – a giant subterranean playground that’s located within an old Victorian slate mine. There are various different levels to explore, with slides and walkways connecting a whole host of bouncy nets and huge trampolines (hence the name). The highest level is 180 feet above the floor. It’s not just for older children either: there’s a separate area for those aged between three and six.

5. Nishi Rokugo Park, Tokyo, Japan


In this Japanese playground, recycled tyres sit alongside traditional playground equipment to create an area that could have come straight from a child’s imagination. There are tubular metal structures such as steep slides and jungle gyms, among other equipment, and the tyres form attractions such as tyre swings, bridges, tunnels and climbing equipment – including models of Godzilla and a giant robot. Without much shade, it’s best visited in the early morning or late afternoon.


If you reckon your next playground project could take on these greats, you’ll be wanting a company that can help you to realise your dream. Pipecraft specialises in designing and creating all sorts of items from tubular metal, while working completely to your spec, your budget and your timeframe. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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