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Tube Rolling and Metal Tube Manipulation
CNC Machining Fabrication of Precision Components

Furniture Metal Fabrication
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Precision Engineering & Fabrication of Metal Components

Precision Engineering Services

Established in 1980, Pipecraft Innovations specialise in tube manipulation and/or the production of any form of tubular based product.

Experts in high quality precision engineering, tube manipulation and metal fabrication, including CNC machining, we use the best materials and design technology to guarantee quality.

Consistent in quality and accuracy, our high volume machinery performs fully automated tube cutting, end forming, swaging, tube punching and notching processes.

We insist that your projects are completed to your satisfaction, within budget and on time.

Tube Bending

This process works on commercially available metals including mild and stainless steel, brass, aluminium and many other specialised materials. So, whether you need tubes bent for medical industry products, automotive components, hotel/café bistro metal furniture, playground equipment, bicycle racks, bridges, stairs or building facades, this metal forming process ensures optimum results. Read more…

Pipe Bending

As a specialist tube manipulation company and a major pipe bending/pipe manipulation provider, we store most of the popular pipe/tube sizes and materials; we provide services for machinery flow path pipework, roll bars, metal sculpture, railings and barriers, swimming pool fittings and engineering applications. Read more…

Tube Rolling

Another specialist service offered to cater for the production of larger radii bent curved sections and/or Rings. We have rolling plants & capacity for the forming of round tubing or pipes up to 88.9mm o.d. In addition, our capacity includes the ability to roll both solid materials and a variety of square and rectangular profiles plus spiral forming. Read more…

CNC Machining

CNC machining allows us to engineer components with accuracy and speed in the following areas:

  • CNC Milling & Turning Centres
  • Full Assembly Area
  • CMM Inspection Equipment
  • CAD/CAM Programming Facility
  • Bar Feeding Capability up to 76.2mm (3″)
  • 3D Machining

Our complete CNC Milling & Turning services guarantee the production of high quality machined components that will fully meet your specifications to support any project requirements that you may have in mind. With the skillset, experience and machinery, we can confidently cater for prototyping plus initial batch work followed by subsequent large production runs.

Read more…

Metal Furniture

We work in a wide range of sectors such as hospitality which includes hotels, restaurants and café bistro. From the initial prototype we are able to accommodate both one-off and large production runs. Read more…

Custom Projects

Pipecraft Innovations can manufacture custom metalwork for your commercial or industrial projects. Once we have agreed on the project requirements, we will work to your exact specifications. Utilising all metals including aluminium, brass, mild and stainless steels and thermoplastics, we will manage all of your project needs from sourcing the raw materials through to the tube manipulation and fabrication processes which lead to the final refining and finishing procedures. Read more…

Precision Engineering

Specialising in high precision engineering solutions, Pipecraft Innovations assure a flawless and comprehensive service. Read more…

With an exemplary reputation, our dedication to every task ensures that quality comes as standard. Contact us today on 01903 766778 to discuss your requirements.